Are you tired of listening to the same old Heroes and Villains? 
Bored of watching Margarita dance in the cantina? 
Are you fed-up of jiving in the name of surviving? 
Well look no further because I have the solution for you!

soniclovenoize presents....
The Random
Heroes and Villains

That's right folks!  Strep right up and create your own    
version of The Beach Boys' classic "Heroes and Villains" using
a completely unpredictable, new and exciting construction
that you've never before dreamed! All you have to do is click
the media player above and  -WALLAH!-     
You now have an amazing new Heroes and Villains!     

Impress your friends!  Woo your lover!  Pet your Swedish frog!     
You can do it all with soniclovenoize's    
Random Heroes and Villains Generator!!!    

Created by soniclovenoize
Segments taken from The Smile Sessions (click to order!)
Written by Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks
Media player by podsnack